2012: In Retrospect

Today, I caught a glimpse of the date and realized that first month of the year just ended.  Sounds cliché but the time indeed went by so fast.

Looking back, did I accomplish anything writing wise over the past months? Let’s see:

  • 6 – dozens of J.co /Krispy Kreme donuts (plus dozens more of yummy choco moist cupcakes from my other gig) used to bribe my friends — with near perfect grammar, to spare some time in editing my book. Nothing beats a good sugar high.
  • 40 – number of chapters finished after I tore apart the story numerous times
  • 2 – Self Publishing workshops attended where I learned that I still have a looooong way to go if I decide to publish.
  • 8 – major revisions on the cover until I got sick of nitpicking on it all together.
  • 5 – months spent rereading the manuscript before I passed it on for review
  • 18 – times I changed my mind whether to publish my book or not
  • 2545+ cups of alcohol / coffee / tea consumed trying to translate my thoughts into sensible chapters (I think I need to wean off a bit, don’t you think?)
  • 4 – times I missed my self-imposed deadline on when to announce to the world that I have an actual book (with actual words in them! Imagine that.)
  •  28+ times when people stared at me like I was a nutcase just because I don’t have a personal Facebook account

And 35,000+ words to complete the book and now I am finally ready to cross it off my bucket list in a couple of weeks!


Tell me what you think.

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