Here, undone.


Sometimes I think about you. Through a view from a train, a line from a book or a song from a movie.

Fleeting, and for a mere second, my heart would melt.

How you softly kissed my cheek, I would inhale and swear that I could still smell the scent of your skin on mine. How I used to watch you sleep, with great disbelief on how incredibly lucky I was for having you in my life.

Whilst most of the time, I would get scared. Of losing such memories of you— both the good and bad. I would then simply close my eyes, and find you, right there.

Carved, into my broken soul.

Every time, I would die a thousand excruciating deaths. And each and every time — her touch would painstakingly lead me, to where I think I am supposed to be.


15 thoughts on “Here, undone.

    1. I am elated to be able to write pieces that most can relate to, regardless of gender.

      Thank you very much, I am honored to be a part of your second happy place πŸ™‚

  1. great blog. it sounds like a wonderful reminiscent moment and also a sad one too. is she not with you anymore? or she is and you are simply reminiscing? either way, it’s beautiful. thank you for visiting my blog.

    1. Thanks for dropping by too πŸ™‚ Some posts here are fiction, inspired by different things. Some are based on reality.

      Most are byproducts of having too much coffee πŸ˜‰

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