More Than One Dance

What if I leaned in much closer?

Would you have chosen to kiss me?

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Sun kissed, Life bound.


Never have I ever seen such grace, strength, compassion, heart, dedication, support, courage, tears, wears, and unconditional love like that of a mother’s.

I do hope that I was well worth it. I love you.

A tribute of sorts to the real super heroes in our lives, our moms. And to all the moms that (fortunately) came into mine, Happy Mother’s Day. 

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Hues and Shadows

In you, I surrender.

A step closer — my soul completely vanishes.

Into you, I ache.

Your stunning lips mend the uncompromising wounds.

With you, I soar.

Slight kiss reveals what was long forgotten.

For you, I’ll live.

Every second — you whisper a thousand truths.


This photo was taken last weekend at dawn (Calatagan, Philippines) with inspiration within reach.

Her Heart Wide Open

Out of Sight

Woke with a bloody fist and a busted lip, countless broken dreams on the floor. Read More

Here, undone.


Sometimes I think about you. Through a view from a train, a line from a book or a song from a movie.

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The Famous Last Scene

Final Curtain Call

I know it’s late, I know you’re weary. I know your plans, don’t include me. 

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Standing Still, Holding Tight

summer solstice
History: Have you ever been so scared of losing someone that your heart literally breaks at the thought of a future without her?

This was written as a quick escape from my hospital bed today.


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Free Fall: Heart First, Mind Second

Lost in a Dream

3 A.M. I lie awake while the rest of  those in my time zone were deep in slumber. I think of you. I think of us. Then I realized, I won’t be able to write another word tonight.

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Scent She Left Behind

sticks and stones









How do you wake up after you spent the previous night crying?

How do you stop believing in something that made you happy for the longest time?

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For One More Day

Boracay 2013

Be still.

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