Unbreaking Chains

  159 days = 22 weeks and 5 days. Ask yourself, what do you do with 159 days? You go on a long trip. Fly across oceans and conquer all the land borders you can find. Drink too much. Meet people. Fall in love. Fall in lust. Get lost. Lose yourself. 159 days = 22…

Random Playlist.

You close your eyes, trying to drown in silence. In the darkness of midday. Everyone gets lost around you. Mindlessly, on loop.

Over Coffee and Goodbyes

Have you ever thought, how something so clear can ever make you feel disoriented? Confused that one very turn, clouded judgments, complicated decisions, can cause tears — Immense pain. Make you lose countless battles. They met, not by fate, but by chance. Fell in love, deeply, by choice but never by reason. Have you ever…

A Distant Ruin

How could one not believe? Across borders of insanity, I traveled back through time. Thousands of miles away, longing for her one kiss. How could one question life’s existence? Filling my drained soul. With history,with warmth, with faith. I walked and wandered about the vast ruins of royalty. How could one still have doubts? The…


In you, I surrender. A step closer — my soul completely vanishes. Into you, I ache. Your stunning lips mend the uncompromising wounds. With you, I soar. Slight kiss reveals what was long forgotten. For you, I’ll live. Every second — you whisper a thousand truths. —- This photo was taken last weekend at dawn (Calatagan,…

Her Heart Wide Open

Woke with a bloody fist and a busted lip, countless broken dreams on the floor.

The Famous Last Scene

I know it’s late, I know you’re weary. I know your plans, don’t include me.  With the dark night suffocating the apathetic crowd, I continued with the song in a tired, strained voice.

Scent She Left Behind

                How do you wake up after you spent the previous night crying? How do you stop believing in something that made you happy for the longest time?

Unwritten in the Stars

History: This was inspired by someone who realized how wrong she was, a little too late. Written a little over two years ago, enjoy.

A Hushed Sanctuary — Sagada, Mt. Province

Teaser: One of my beta readers (slash incredibly supportive friends) asked once— of all the beautiful places in the Philippines, why did I choose the quaint town of Sagada, Mt. Province as the setting for my first ever book project.