Broken Echoes

Six months ago today, I held your hand.

I begged, repeatedly.

Asking you, please stay.

Six months ago today, I kissed your head.
I cried, tears burning my heart
Asking you, please hang on.

Six months ago today, I hugged you tight.
I howled in pain,
Asking you, please don’t go.

Six months ago today,
your heart stopped, ma. so did mine. 


Random Playlist.


You close your eyes, trying to drown in silence.
In the darkness of midday.
Everyone gets lost around you.
Mindlessly, on loop.

You blink back those tears. Struggling.
Struggling to breathe.
Piercing summer heat calling you out to play.
Mindlessly, on loop.

You open your mouth, to speak.
Your thoughts drawing a blank canvas.
Blue. Red. Yellow. Green.
Mindlessly, on loop.

She kisses your eyelids. She wipes away your tears. She lovingly caresses your mouth.
Stretch of white sand. Walking along a crowded mall. Sitting on a park bench.
Happily, on loop.

No words. Absolutely no need.
Days, months, years.
Just her, on loop.