Unwritten in the Stars

Blued MountainHistory: This was inspired by someone who realized how wrong she was, a little too late.

Written a little over two years ago, enjoy.

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A Hushed Sanctuary — Sagada, Mt. Province

Heaven on Earth

Teaser: One of my beta readers (slash incredibly supportive friends) asked once— of all the beautiful places in the Philippines, why did I choose the quaint town of Sagada, Mt. Province as the setting for my first ever book project.

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For One More Day

Boracay 2013

Be still.

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Silent Mode

History: I wrote this sometime in 2005 (damn, I am really getting old) and was posted in the now barely alive Peyups.com. This was one of my most commented articles there. Enjoy.

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THE Maiden Voyage.

It started with some incoherent thoughts. Then eventually, a few simple paragraphs followed that turned into several chapters. I hungered, got drunk  and wrote more each day. Writing freed me from the madness,  from the real world, from myself.
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