Here, undone.


Sometimes I think about you. Through a view from a train, a line from a book or a song from a movie.

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The Famous Last Scene

Final Curtain Call

I know it’s late, I know you’re weary. I know your plans, don’t include me. 

With the dark night suffocating the apathetic crowd, I continued with the song in a tired, strained voice. Read more

Swept Away

Fresh  Start

We’ve got tonight, who needs tomorrow?

Your soulful voice continued to fill the stifling air, with expectant faces turned your way. Read More

Standing Still, Holding Tight

summer solstice
History: Have you ever been so scared of losing someone that your heart literally breaks at the thought of a future without her?

This was written as a quick escape from my hospital bed today.


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In Pursuit of Endless Tuesdays

A Handwritten Existence

She firmly clutches my hand as we walk so I will never feel alone, even in a crowd.

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Free Fall: Heart First, Mind Second

Lost in a Dream

3 A.M. I lie awake while the rest of  those in my time zone were deep in slumber. I think of you. I think of us. Then I realized, I won’t be able to write another word tonight.

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Kiss and Tell

Light Spectacle

History: The rain suddenly stopped and the sun surprisingly peeked mid afternoon today. I spent a great deal of time looking out into the massive glass windows at work and the wonderful hues served as inspiration.


We were teasing each other about something but for some weird (and fortunate) reason, our lips met. It had been the most incredible feeling.

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Try this for size: The Liebster

In the spirit of the recently concluded Oscar awards, I graciously accept the nomination from the lovely Ashley Cameron of She writes amazing poems so please do check out her blog.

Before anything else, rules first:

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Unwritten in the Stars

Blued MountainHistory: This was inspired by someone who realized how wrong she was, a little too late.

Written a little over two years ago, enjoy.

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A Hushed Sanctuary — Sagada, Mt. Province

Heaven on Earth

Teaser: One of my beta readers (slash incredibly supportive friends) asked once— of all the beautiful places in the Philippines, why did I choose the quaint town of Sagada, Mt. Province as the setting for my first ever book project.

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