A blur, Everyone seems to be, Just, Everywhere, All the time, A blur, Whirling, Right in the midst. Just. Chaos, Stop. Unable to, Escape. Just, Stop. Please stop. Just, stop.

Broken Echoes

Six months ago today, I held your hand. I begged, repeatedly. Asking you, please stay.

As You Turn Away

On nights when I can barely keep my eyes closed, my mind just wanders. Aimlessly. Sometimes, I think of you. The hows and the whys. Repeatedly.

Hers. Alone.

One gaping hole. Your life. Without her. Pain. This pain. Unyielding. Your life. Unforgiving. Without her.

Random Playlist.

You close your eyes, trying to drown in silence. In the darkness of midday. Everyone gets lost around you. Mindlessly, on loop.

Any Given Moment.

Move, closer. Inhale, deeper. Exhale, faster. Listen, quietly. Dance, slowly. Bite, gently. Kiss, hungrily. Hold, tightly. Never, fall. Don’t, let go.

Lost In Her.

Waking up beside you after an excruciating day, makes me believe that I can survive yet another lifetime.

Echoed Silence

An endless maze appeared. Still. Drunk. Motionless. I started calling her with a voice quickly taken by the cruel wind. My soul reverberates,  aching while I reached out— a strand of her hair, a touch of her scent. I walked aimlessly, my heart hoped for a glimpse of her figure. Darkness ensued, and still there…

Run Away.

Come take my hand. We’re inches away, several miles apart. Just a little closer. Just a bit more. You tear up on cue, with a wary soul. Clouded judgement, forgotten memories. We promised forever,  minds at war. A love of a lifetime. Where did we go wrong? Shards of glass broken, as still as the…

Another Road’s End.

“And just when you thought everything was going great, Life throws you a massive curve ball. Just because.”